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  Drum-O-Farm--'Where Nature Inspires Art'


Welcome To Drum-O-Farm

Drum-O-Farm is a work in progress and contuation of two artist's study in how 'Nature Inspires Art'......

Drum-O-Farm was established on June 1st, 2006. Soon afterwards Boo and Laura were married at the farm on Saturday, July 29, 2006. Laura a pianist/educator, Boo a drummer/educator in conjunction with the celebration of the 10th year anniversary of Drumometer and WFD invite you to take this inspirational journey known as Drum-O-Farm.

Oh, when speaking of how 'Nature Inspires Art' one must think of Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright and his inspirational masterpieces. The piece of art you see over the Drum-O-Farm sign at the goat barn was hand drawn by Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright. This fantastic design was originally intended to be a concrete block design for one of Mr. Wright's potential clients. This piece of art was first displayed in the Mitchell Barnett Theater inside Nashville Music Institute in the old Tennessee First State Prison building.

Thanks so much for visiting this site. Please check back often for updates and news from Drum-O-Farm. It is our intention for this site to be the place for everything Drum-O-Farm




We presently have Goats for SALE! Both Nannies and Billies. Call 615-323-1853 for details and pricing.